James Woods       


Metamorphosis is a radiator based around the
concept of a fire being at the heart of the home.
This radiator is aiming to try to recreate this
connection with the user. By using long strips of
shape memory alloy to create movement and play
with the light when heated up and then return to
a flat state when cooled. The heating element is the
long base component. It has detailing which is
taken from traditional fireplaces and is finished to
mimic traditional cast steel fireplaces.

Radiators are often on and off throughout the day to
conserve energy. The heating up and cooling down
of the radiator will produce the waving effect, as it
changes between its two states, straight at room
temperature and wavy when heated. This effect gives
a visual indiation of when the radiator is on. Air flow is
created by cold air flowing through the main channel
rising though the moving strips when heated.


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James Woods,London,England