James Woods       

Measuring Tools

 Working in collaboration with (Maybrey Reliance Foundry)

The project aims to give domestic measuring tools a greater value
during their downtime, celebrating the tool and preventing
them being tucked away in a drawer. Turning these tools
into decorative objects by simplifying them and giving
them striking forms gives the objects both a place on
a shelf or in a display cabinet as well as being functional
tools when you need them. Casting the tools in iron gives
them a timeless quality and a further sense of permanence
to most common utilitarian tools.

Measuring Tool Collection
spirit level
Sand Cast - with machined channel
250mm 40mm 30mm

Measuring Tool Collection
tape measure

Sand Cast - with canvas tape
57.5mm 57.5mm 25mm

Measuring Tool Collection
plumb bob

Sand Cast - with cotton thread
50mm 65mm 50mm


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James Woods,London,England