James Woods       


Wiggle Markers
Wiggle Markers range of pen attachments can be
used with most pens, develop for a child with disabilities.


Hug Mug
Slip cast double wall mug, designed to be hugged by the hand with indentatios crated my the maker to allow for an ergonomic form.

In This Together
Providing all the materials needed to maintain the product throughout its life encouraging the user to care and maintain a piece, creating a strong connection between product and user.

Product simulating how a fireplace brings people together stimulating multiple sensors. The radiator has large strips of shape memory alloy which move as the radiator heats up and cools down, the large polish panels reflecting light in different ways.

Power of Card
Pushing the material properties of cardboard to the limit’s, creating card steps which can take a person’s full body weight by using different folding techniques.

Project creating advertisement for ridiculous inventions.

Making a series of 3 stool’s using a range of materials and techniques lamination, steel tubes and traditional woodwork.


Celebrating details which can be created when laminating veneer by forming around rods. This led to creating a reading light with 3 simple components.

Hands Only
Free standing’s shelving system where the only tool you need is your hands, with an intuitive assembly it means there’s more chance that the owner will take the furniture with them if moving to a new house.

Measuring Tools
Turning what normally are utilitarian tools into sculptural pieces which still perform the original tools function, by simplifying mechanisms and shapes. Casting in iron to give the product more of sense a sense of value.

Speculative projects triggering memories through personalised sounds allowing the users to remember life events and friendships, a hands-free’ screenless device designed for a future where we are getting bombarded by screens and information. In collaboration with Alessi.


Lab Rat?
This project aims to explore how products might start abusing the consumer in a data driven capitalist future. Would we be in control or just be turned in to lab rats?

Project inspired by traditional basket weaving creating compact collapsable seating solutions.


Power Of One
The Power Of One aims to combat the growing problem of e-waste by completely changing consumer behaviour in the kitchen, utilising a single, efficient and easy-to-repair circular heat source, which can be utilised in a communal fashion to carry out many common kitchen tasks.  

The Touch Clinic
The Touch Clinic depicts a speculative design fiction where tactile sensory tools are prescribed to a civilisation starved of touch. Aiming to provoke conversation, it questions how societies behaviour would change and what can be done now, to avoid a future in need of Touch Clinics.

James Woods,London,England