James Woods       

This project aims to explore how products might start abusing the consumer in a data driven capitalist future. Exploring the potential infrastructure needed, how it will be monetised as well as archetypes of how normally unintrusive technology could become intrusive in the pursuit to make money. Would we be in control or just be turned in to lab rats?

Inspired by speculative design and the recent awareness of data protection. This project turns the idea of protecting your data on its head and shows what might happen if we get in control of our data and the possible impacted if this is led by corporations rather than the consumer.

With influences pushing get rich quick schemes will they inadvertently abuse the most desperate vulnerable members of society.

Posters show a small glimpse into the counter-culture, protests, and demonisation of
this technology by victims.

Rather than a free market (such as eBay) if it’s controlled by corporations it would more likely mirror the structure of a traditional stock market, with the price increasing with the scarcity of data. Creating a competitive marketplace which is on the side of the corporations.


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James Woods - London