James Woods       

In This Together

In it together is a project which explored how the relationship between product and user can be built over time by encouraging the user to maintain the product throughout its life. I started inlaying beeswax and Jujube oil wood finish into the lid of a rag box to be used to preserve and maintain the table.

This is a 6-seater table with a large circle inlay of beeswax wood finish. Beside sits an applicator puck which can be used to apply the finish to the table when required. The project aims to challenge how we view maintaining products in a provocative way.

Applicator is ergonomically designed to fit the user’s hand with a lip around the edge to prevent the finish coming in contact with the user. The lint-free cloth pads have a foam inlay to make applying the finish easy and can be easily changed when worn.


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James Woods - London